Изменения Соколиного Глаза и Черной Вдовы

Существенным изменениям подверглись Соколиный Глаз и Черная Вдова. Переработка приурочена к премьере кинофильма «Мстители: Эра Альтрона» и нацелена сделать героев более жизнеспособными в сложном контенте. Полный список изменений доступен на английском языке.

Соколиный Глаз


World’s Greatest Archer — Precise Aim and World’s Greatest Archer have been combined into one passive. This will free up 20 points from builds who cap both passives. Spirit on Crit has also been added to this passive, allowing him to regenerate spirit in-combat. Additionally, the power can now be toggled on to grant Rocket Arrow and Harpoon Arrow bonus damage in exchange for cooldowns. Combat Training will be the melee partner to World’s Greatest Archer, giving extra layer effects to some melee powers, allowing Hawkeye players to choose their additional layers.

Wave of Arrows — Now deals a single cone of damage like Moon Knight’s Crescent Dart Fan, with each individual arrow only being art to represent the area of the cone, and the power will now slow enemies hit. At one point in Hawkeye’s history, Wave of Arrows was his primary tool for defeating bosses, but now that Three Arrow Burst has taken that role, this will provide a method for Wave to become the powerful area clearing power it was meant to be.

Trident Shot — Slow has been removed in favor of dealing bonus damage to close targets, allowing Trident Shot to serve as a close-range basic alternative for melee oriented players.

Three Arrow Burst — Bonus damage to bosses has been removed in favor of higher base damage at all times. The power may be receiving another offensive affix in iteration.

Speed Loader — New single target burst damage cooldown power using 9 arrows rapid-fired out of a new device showcased in an Age of Ultron trailer.

Rocket Arrow — Has received a visual update, and the projectile now moves instantly through the world, preventing it from missing.

Harpoon Arrow — Projectile speed increased.

Combat Training — Will now be able to be toggled on, granting Kick a cooldown and bonus damage instead of knockback and stun, and allowing Ronin Lunge to apply its damage over time effect. This toggle is mutually exclusive with the toggle from World’s Greatest Archer.

Ronin Assault — Is now a spirit spending power, turning this into the core damage source for the rare melee Hawkeye player. The changes to Trident Arrow will allow that power to serve as a basic option for players who like to stick to close range combat.

Crippling Kick — No change other than the mechanical interplay with Combat Training.

Elusive Arrow — Movement has been sped up.

Ronin Lunge — Movement has been sped up, and the damage of the DoT has been baked into the initial hit. There is no damage over time by default unless the player has toggled on Combat Training.

NEW Sprint — New Travel Power. The SkyCycle is definitely on the agenda, but we don’t have time for the model just yet, so this power will serve as an intermittent travel method in the mean time.

NEW Mechanic — The Trick Arrow Quiver mechanic will allow all Archery (Tree 1) powers to fire Trick Arrows as a small chance to occur whenever those powers are used.

Electric Arrow — Knockdown removed in favor of higher damage. Passively adds Electric Arrows to Hawkeye’s Trick Arrow Quiver.

Explosive Arrow — Passively adds Explosive Arrows to Hawkeye’s Trick Arrow Quiver.

Freeze Arrow — Passively adds Freeze Arrows to Hawkeye’s Trick Arrow Quiver.

Nerve Gas Arrow — Passively adds Nerve Gas Arrows to Hawkeye’s Trick Arrow Quiver.

StarkTech Claymore Arrow — Cooldown reduced to 35s. The damage per tick has been slightly reduced accordingly, but is an overall DPS gain.

StarkTech Medical Arrow — Toughness and Constitution has been replaced with Protected. Hawkeye himself restores additional health over time while standing in the field.

Ultimate (Avenging Arrow) — The visuals fading before the power ends will be fixed.


j7Z1eRX.jpg y0G88QM.jpg

Черная Вдова


Secondary Resource (Widowmaker) — The Widowmaker mechanic has become a bit dated as a full secondary resource. It essentially played the role of a shared cooldown between two powers, which we have newer tech to do in a way that doesn’t require a UI bar. That being said, the former Widowmaker spenders will be powerful shared cooldowns, and the Widowmaker resource bar will be removed.

NEW Electric Ride — New Travel Power inspired by her bike in the Age of Ultron trailer (not the same bike, but one in a similar style)

Silent Killer — Passive effect migrated to Red Room Reflexes

Crippling Strikes — Weaken and Slow have been removed, since basics are not a strong place to put debuffs, especially melee basics that are short range. The proc has been converted to energy damage, giving her melee build a smoother method of using hybrid damage items. The power has been renamed to Stinging Striekes and re-themed as Natasha using her Widow’s Bite gauntlets in melee combat.

Deadly Blade — Bonus damage to bosses removed in favor of higher base damage. Bleed duration increased to 4 seconds, giving a little more time for her melee rotation.

NEW Electric Batons — New single-target spirit spending melee power using the electric taser batons from the Age of Ultron trailer. Like the new Stinging Strikes, this power has a chance to deal a burst of energy damage in addition to its normal strikes.

Deadly Kick — Has gained its Widowmaker bonus damage baked directly into the power, and gained an appropriate cooldown — a much lower one than the former Widowmaker’s natural charge rate. In addition, using Deadly Kick now grants a moderate boost to melee powers for a duration, keeping it a powerful and attractive melee cooldown. It shares a cooldown with Coup de Grace.

Sweepkick — Power now deals bonus damage if used from stealth, giving Widow a stealth combo for players to initiate fights with. Vulnerability duration has been flattened to 8s.

Coup de Grace — The Ranged equivalent of Deadly Kick — Coup de Grace has gained its Widowmaker bonus damage baked into the power, and gain edan appropriate cooldown — a much lower one than the former Widowmaker’s natural charge rate. In addition, using Coup de Grace grants a moderate boost to ranged powers for a duration, keeping it a powerful and attractive ranged cooldown. It shares a cooldown with Deadly Kick. Lastly, the bonus damage to stunned or knocked down enemies has been removed in favor of increasing the base damage, since these affixes do not apply to most boss enemies.

Snap Shot — Slow has been removed — as with Crippling Strikes, single target basic attacks are not great places for debuffs. We’ve replaced this with critical damage rating for now, but that affix may be changed in iteration.

Covert Sniper — Visually updated using ‘tracer’ visual tech, similar to the recent visual renovation of Punisher’s sniper rifle. This also made the bullet travel instantly through the world, removing any ability for the projectile to miss its target. Power now has a cooldown and higher base damage, and does not have the ‘bonus to far away targets’ affix, since we’ve seen that affix doesn’t work well on long animation powers such as a charge-up. The cooldown will be reset on entering stealth, giving Widow a small minigame with her tumble similar to Star-Lord’s grenade resets, possibly invoking an alternate build path.

Stinging Shot — Updated with a new animation and visuals. Widow’s Bite as a weapon should be a more useful power in the kit, so we’re allowing it to serve as a potent ranged area clearing power by way of bouncing between targets hit.

Stinging Barrage — Visually rethemed, Widow now uses automatic pistols to fire at enemies in front of her. The former visuals stretched the concept of the Widow’s Bite weapon a bit too far, and we felt Widow needed another gun type to round out her ranged arsenal.

Flawless Escape — Merged to become an active effect of Kevlar Reinforced Bodysuit.

Twilight Initiative — We’ve added a damage over time and stun component that fires briefly after the initial cast, allowing the power to be a bit more impactful in terms of a DPS boost. Since Widowmaker has been removed, the power will now fully reset Widow’s other cooldowns.

Widow’s Kiss — Now applies the slow that was removed from Crippling Strikes and Snap Shot. Duration of weaken and slow will be bumped to 8 seconds. Area of effect slightly increased.

Rolling Grenades — Burning duration increased to 8s.

Microdrones — Microdrones has been revamped, with the goal of making the power satisfying to use in both single target and group scenarios. Each drone will now seek out a random target, with one drone guaranteed to seek out the target under your mouse cursor when activated. The drones now deliver a nonstacking short duration damage over time effect instead of a raw damage packet, allowing each drone to carry the full damage output of the power to every target hit. These changes will allow for the full DPS contribution of Microdrones to be consistent so long as one drone finds the intended target.

Anti-Personnel Grenade — No change.

Timed Explosive / Detonator — No change. There are some players who enjoy this as an alternate build path, and we don’t want to jeapordize that.

Acrobatic Assault / Widow’s Line — No change yet, but we are considering how to make these two powers different in some fashion.


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